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Test obsahuje 50 otázok s jedinou správnou odpoveďou (môže byť aj prázdna odpoveď). Zahŕňa všetky dôležité oblasti anglickej gramatiky, skloňovania, časovania i slovnej zásoby, a preto poskytuje reálny pohľad na úroveň znalostí anglického jazyka. Označte odpoveď len v tej otázke, na ktorú poznáte odpoveď, skúste nehádať. Po vyplnení všetkých otázok bude test ihneď vyhodnotení a Vy sa dozviete Vašu známku. Veľa šťastia!

1 She is doctor.

2 He's so nice. I like .

3 are you from?

4 swimming?

5 a book on my desk.

6 We always go work 7 a.m. weekdays.

7 He married. I not.

8 My Sam.

9 in America?

10 She three languages, but she money to travel the world.

Ide Vám to výborne, len tak ďalej!

11 ? He has three cars.

12 I to Spain last month and I a guitar there.

13 I born in 1965. When you born?

14 a white skirt today?

15 " did you go out with?" "With Samantha."

16 While he a shower, I

17 George is student. He lives in apartment near college where he is studying. apartment isn't big, but he likes it.

18 Jenny enjoys in a hospital. She wants people.

19 My house is yours.

20 Peter in that company all his life. He wants to quit now.

20 otázok máte za sebou. Teraz to nevzdávajte!

21 We each other since we school in 1999.

22 If John his final exams, he a car as a present from his parents.

23 Oh, that's a bad injury! You go to hospital.

24 The bus leaves in a minute! We hurry!

25 I've already bought what we need. You go shopping.

26 The lesson was so that I fell asleep.

27 German in Austria.

28 What if I you?

29 "I can't lend you the pen. I'm using it." He said that he lend me the pen and that he it.

30 I tell you until you say please.

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31 ? You're red in your face.

32 "You have fighting your brother!!!" "It's hard! I can't stop at him, but I'd like with him."

33 Their car from the garage.

34 This huge building at the moment.

35 No way! He's the most famous actor in the world. You him!

36 "I haven't got a car." " "

37 "We bought a house." " "

38 " salt should I use?" "I'll give you advice: Adding salt to your food is unhealthy."

39 Excuse me. Can you tell me what ?

40 He didn't come to your party, ?

Zvládate to skvele, ostáva posledných 9 otázok

41 "I won't tell you the truth!" She to tell him the truth.

42 In August my parents married for 40 years.

43 "Have you seen Rachel's new style? She her hair done."

44 life of a famous person is full of paparazzos.

45 Find a synonym for the word "humorous":

46 Find a synonym for the word "moan":

47 Find a synonym for the word "hate":

48 Find a synonym for the word "unimportant":

49 Find a synonym for the word "displeased":

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